My Old Blue Jeans

Ten years from now,
I still find a way.
To hang you over me;
With a dusty crooked-smile.

Finding a contract to hold you back;
Side binding all other things in my closet
I dwell you from beneath of my closet;
When you rub my skin

The touchy feeling of getting happier;
Rather than different versions in my collection;
Giving me the best memories of college days;
Getting furious over mother;

For holding you without my concern;
Thou, there where many tie-ups between us;
Rending services for hiding all my unofficial things;
From my first kiss, holding half broken cigarettes;

To Share with friends, Or much pleasurable alone at home;
Getting drunk to black out;
While friends carried both of us;
Making you like my yellow page;

For all girls I flirt, while you enjoy their touch;
Sometimes banding you to have a comfortable romance;
Thou, next morning running with the same saga;
With You, As You never complained;

My old blue jeans;
Ten years going strong,
with a dusty crooked smile;


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