Mouth Spoke And Skin Went Pale

When she allowed her mouth to speak and his colour paled.

She smiled
He smirked
She grinned
He simpered
She beamed
Her mouth curved into a smile
The corner of his mount turned up
The corner of her mouth quirked up
A corner o his mouth lifted
His mouth twitched
He gave a half-smiled
She has a lopsided grin
His mouth twisted
He lustred a smile on his face
She forced a smile
He faked a smile
Her smile faded
His smile slipped
He pursed his lips
She pouted
His mouth snapped shut
Her mouth set in a hard line
He pressed his lips together
She bit her lips
He drew his lower lip between his teeth.
She nibbled on her bottom lips
He chewed on his bottom lips
He jaw set
Her jaw clenched
His jaw tightened
A muscle in her jaw twitched
He ground his jaw
He snarled/his lips drew back in a snarl
Her mouth fell open
His jaw dropped
Her jaw went slack
His gritted his teeth
She gnashed her teeth
Her lower lips trembled
His lower lips quivered

Her skin paled
He balanced
She went white
The colour drained out of his face.


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