Lovely To Write

It’s so lovely to write;
About romance and fantasy life;
Where everybody is loved;
with none condition applied;

Thou, It’s far from real life;
Still, holding the burden of dead life;
There is going back to the person;
who damaged life;

To rearrange the memories of a good life;
Teaching the heart;
which can never come alive;
Still, I feel lovely to write;

Taking me into a wand of light;
Where all my dead feelings;
emerging alive,
making me darling of the nights;

As the stars and moon talk alive;
Thou I feel the kiss of a dead star;
spinning me in magical lights;
Where there is no saddest;
But only love;

Thou, I sold my heart to a slaughterer’s man;
In real life;
Still, It’s lovely to write;


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