Knowing Soulmate

When I met; the planets and universe evolved;
Triggering to create words between us;
Something severe and beyond our control was coming into shape;
We don’t choose our soulmate;
As the magic is already in the place;
Sometimes, dear, it's all in triggers;
Which gets out of control taking a serious note;

Who can connect you with stars and cosmos;
Making a strong connection between us;
That's when I see you dear as a Soulmate;
The stars try connection us in every possible way;
It restarts my tangled life from upside down;
Turning me into the peaceful human;
Sometimes the ego gets on its way changing sides;

Still, they were someone, getting a smile on my lips;
Making my life eternal;
Breaking up with such a soulmate is merely impossibility;
Knowing the core strength of my life is you;
The rush of love and peace were too tempting;
With rekindling our romance;
Which becomes a hard fact to deny, Only you;

I could never by-pass a person like you;
Raising the depth of emotions within me;
The spirituality found inside each other souls
As many other people crave for a stable relationship
Our soul found each other shoulders to lie;
Breaking up with you is next to impossible;
With hard fight; I always looked a reason bumping back;

You pulled entire galaxy to make our life complete;
Asking the universe to create positive energy for us
A long fight melted into nightfall;
You withstood me in all the way as my spine;
Holding me from all this odd world;
Confronting in all tough decisions of life; 
Allowing me to find the light of smile in sadness;

Life became interesting with your shades; 
Wondering how each day we love each other; 
Growing old never looked more lovable;
Giving me all the normal experience from your soul; 
The skin sparked as a twilight when you are around;
Thou the scars were old
You tickled them with funny charms;

As they were beautiful to your eye;
The little fight over each other choice;
And bragging over different love life;
Pouring the heart content without filter;
We strengthen our weakness, and loving each other flaws;
After all, nothing else matters waking up with you;
And the heart tells me every time, I found my Soulmate;



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