It’s Was His Kiss And The Smile She All Remember.

Baby, it’s your birthday, She was eager to call him, being the first person to wish this year, As she was feeling his love all over which was not told for past two years.

But never confronted in words, she held her long breath, throwing herself on her couch. The thoughts, left her wandering it was a long time wait not expressing herself to spend rest of life with him. It might turn out to be the best gift she could give him as even he wants to hear the same.

At the same time, breathing was getting heavy, what if he rejects or things change after told what he meant in her life. Or even stop talking. She started panting. The relationship just started with instant attraction without much thought of getting deeper or getting together with each her. As he never proposed her.

She asked herself why did not he propose her? Or he is not even serious about her or looking for someone else for marriage material. The anxiety was taking over her good time. Suddenly realised there is no point getting all wrong thinking where the next person is not even aware of. And asked self what was stopping her from telling first.

Picking up all the courage within self and holding the phone in her hand. Thinking it will be the worst nightmare if rejected. Heart pounded asking self; why she could not tell him when he dropped her with causal forehead kiss with a smile as usual.

The only trouble what if she is going to miss all the pampering she got from him and felt loved and protected when he was around her. Where there were no hidden secrets. She was comfortable with her skin around him.

Finally making up her mind. She dialled the number the beep sound became heavy metal sound and ring went unanswered with a voice message. Without leaving a voice message, she disconnected. Which she thought what happened?

  1. What if he gets scared if I call, thinking something wrong with him.
  2.  What would I tell him on call?
  3. Whether he slept?
  4. What if seeing the name he did not want to answer the call?
  5. Or he is away with his friends?
  6. What If, he thinks I am forcing myself on him?

Rushing with unwanted questions bobbling inside her mind, she thought to call him again. As the call got connected, she heard his sister’s voice picking up this phone. All of sudden she felt the world went standstill. When his sister told, he is taken to hospital after an accident.

She felt his wet kiss and broad smile when she last has seen him three hours back. She shattered uttering the word “love you baby.”


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