His Strong Shoulder

I knew him as if I knew him then;
With no sense of How or Why;
Recollecting the days then;
It all brightened in cold nights;

Thou, both were in the process;
of self-absorbed nature of love;
While floating in open space;
His words tasted honey sometimes;

Sinking deeper into ocean tides;
Timing the time in black hole;
Without knowing Where or How;
Numbed future possibilities of danger;

Unmasking our real nature;
Of being an empathic narcissist;
So I rest on his shoulders;
Juggling with thoughts and no words act;

Spreading wings with passion of present;
Thou, I left with a feeling of protection;
As if boosting my self-esteem,
Lying on his shoulder;

Was not less than an Iron Cage;
Where I happily walked in forever;
To release me from my insecurities.
While learning the art of adventure trip;

Still, I knew him as if I knew him them
With no sense of How and Why;


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