High On The Way

Rolling her car window slowly the cold morning breeze whistling in her ears. The morning was changing its costume taunting the sunrise.

There was something special about the weather knocking her heart. As all the things were moving around.

People were running to get to work. An old woman selling the same newspaper roadside and few were picking up the morning news. Few looked with similar faces having morning sickness, still rushing to work.

It has been long five years with the same roadside. But there was a sense of beauty and happiness inside her. The sunshine was vibrant playing with its best colours drafting her to fall in love.

The season was changing from rainy to winter. Little fogs were bushing to the rising sun and melting over it. The trees never looked with tender green and mesmerizing to my eyes.

The little flowers were popping up different shades and shapes the roadway trees making small canopy spread over it. This was the wonder of nature spreading happiness all around. She felt alive after battling brutal night. It’s was no lesser than heaven seeing all the flowers blooming felt new hope and happy fest to her eyes.

What else could be more welcoming than this portrait filling her mind and heart?

This turned her on every morning making her day peaceful. After getting drenched in awful battle within her. She found love with small things where many loss them in heavy traffic and busy lifestyle. She was not in a rush. She just allowed herself to get into it.


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