Can You Breathe Hope

Now you tell me, you’re hopeless;
Wishing less life than your death;
If you’re pushed into the sea, right now;
Trying to give, upon life;

Still, I know you can hold the breath;
To prove me wrong of being hopeless;
That’s the place where you find hope;
As harder it gets;

In an unwelcoming home;
While getting suffocated by yourself;
If I show you all you can become;
Then I know you will change your mind;

Now you might have hit rock bottom;
Still, It’s a perfect place to start;
While the only thing you can hear;
Are the beatings of your heart;

Which you almost lost;
While remembering what you’ve got;
You hold the movements;
Which are shared in good times;

As they mix bad times in-between;
Still, Do not wait for ending;
Until your last breath starts to leave;

Before you finally remember;
How much you like to breathe;
Until your last breath starts to leave


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