Between Sunset and me

The love Between Sunset and me

Sitting in front of you;
Is like taking a sip of eternity;
It never felt so beautiful;
For wanting more and more of you;

I blush, when you play with colours;
Breeze try hiding my face;
When I am looking at you;
Things get better when I sit seeing you;

Forgetting all the scars inside me;
When I am dull;
You try mesmerising me with your love;
Adding colour all over me;

Making me smile like a child;
You never ask anything;
But spread happiness to everyone;
You come every day looking for me;

Sometimes I break your heart,
when I don’t show up;
But you choose to wait for me;
To drag me in your love;

When I try getting your glimpse;
You go melting into the waves;
Your colour fade into the sea;
The darkness takes over;

Promising to revisit me;
As I wait;
Keeping the promise, you arrive;
And the love story continues between me and sunset;


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