Another Year To Leave Behind;

Another year to leave behind;

Bundling up all our memories;

The smile which made us mad;

The Cry which gave pain;

The fight which strengthens our relationships;

The love which messed our hearts and minds;

The loud curse words relief;

Knowing how evil we went;

Perhaps knowing we were wrong;

But ego doesn’t allow to agree and looking for loopholes to prove ’I am not wrong’;

As days passed, I realized all we carry with us are memories,

Nothing less or more; but we can make sure what we want to carry out;

The Crumbling, of our loved ones or know stage people;

The white lies which we think don’t matter;

The truth of breaking relations asking God ’WHY ME?’;

The despair of saving money or holding nothing with all spreading spear;

The worrying day of taxes, and cursing the government for asking more from us;

Still ending up paying extra on all things we purchase;

Late night drink and pubs, getting blackout knowing friends are there to handle;

It’s all bundling thought, which we ran over a year.

Next year may turn out to be something extraordinary;

Who knows?

And the funny part is ’we are ready to bounce back with same or insane experience;

The lesson learned ’show must go on’,

Buckle Up;


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