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When two people madly in Love, We also fall in Love! Beach sunset

Ariel View sunset

Land View Sunset!!


Seth and Amber Ruffin Apologizes to like a Sexual Harasser

Travel to eat!!

Food is the main gateway to impress anybody!! Many people are satisfied with day to day food cooked at home.

Russian cultural food Vegan!!

Some like food outside once a while and in my place many people don’t go outside for a variety of restaurants. Nothing to get offended as this is my experiance and group of people. I being a South Indian everyday life starts with rice and end with rice staple food.

As I have noticed people from this parts, of-of Tamil Nadu don’t like try outside food for a lifetime. And think outside food is unhealthy and considering part of love they cook food at home as per their culture but doesn’t allow them self with other food culture and avoid spending outside.

There and all most every cultural heritage. But spending for this particular food I have seen many extreme people personal opinion. And found out common reasons in life: save money for buying a car, buildings new house, making kids that’ll improve the lifetime achievement. Getting kids into schooling education they marriage and grandkids. It’s in every single culture customary practice.

But few are moving into exploring their outside world allowing them trying another side of food culture not on counting down the money spend.

And travel for food and knowing other side of world . Life is short and too many things to explore. That’s what I learned in my experience, just travel where heart takes you.

Another year Expire added to our account again!!

It’s a known fact that every living being and nonliving-things come with an expired date. In life, everyone has a birth certificate and comes with death also. But we ignore the second part. And start living as if we are immortals on this earth possessing all material things money, land, working or giving our entire life for a piece of paper in the name of dollars or cash selling out time to someone else?? Does that add value to you being alive a human or zombie??

We are in the mood to celebrate and welcome next year hoping for blah blah things, getting job or marriage or kids or onsite jobs. But do anyone think the days which we left behind is a beautiful thing of memories which are never going to come back again in entire life? WHY IS THAT WE DONT THINK ABOUT THE BEAUTIFUL THINGS WHICH JUST PASSED OR PASSING US. We, humans, are always brainwashed about future where you should become an only lucky rich person rather than be what makes you happy. Or wait for a correct time things will fall on the place without any failure risk-free life to become successful. Until your hands are not dirty, you will never learn to build a house. but waiting

My question is what is correct time?? Why not Now rather than tomorrow. Even everybody knew morning never comes. Today is a gift tomorrow is a myth yesterday already gone. Tomorrow never dies. But we slowly die. No matter your alive this year might not be same next year. Ugliest truth is “There is no future or time left to us.” It runs like milliseconds. Every day is our choice what you or I want to do?? this or that or nothing. These are tiny tine decisions which take us so off the track. When we just turn back and see that we never realize that we are standing off the path. This ignorant would have got us so far crossing almost half of our lifespan. Then you will think where the hell I am now?? Without any achievement passing like another dump human being.

Still, we can do it, follow our passion with day by day dedication, finding happiness in daily life. What is the point of giving someone pain? My Cousin always tells me “We spread happiness, Is what we get back” I am not sure about it. But I am learning it. Her simplicity of spreading happiness for so many years as always inspires me so much now. She came from a different culture. Place, but I could see the positive energy when she is walking around anyone.

So cherries the happiness in small things, People are meant to love to give the time to listen to talks, travel a lot collect memories, not material things. That is the box you will be holding in your olden days until deathbed. Following the heart, the inner core is the return gift we give to our life. Little change can make significant turning point

For me, this year did teach how to be alone and not to feel lonely. This year of mine, dedicated to my friends I don’t want to name everybody. But they gave me most valuable lessons how to get stronger and stronger. I lost few friends in this process, many left, stood alone and thought of every single possibility what to do without them?? Even did not want to live anymore, dumped killed self-respect humiliated with no respect, Some friends came back and some left, few made me hollow I was trying to fix the chaos what happened. Lousy decision learning lesson is growing every day with it to date.

At the end of this year now I realized after all the chaos I made a choice never stop trying your my passion and my love. Don’t give up life is just more than we assume has only pain. But its decision we make to get better or sit there with a silly shitty reason. Nothing is impossible. Just try fall and try again and again. It was the most important lesson I learned. And hoping everyone turns back to see what they missed to do in coming days.

A happy new year ahead!! There is NO Tomorrow or Next time. Everything is now happening around you.

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