Humans Live In Delusion of Risk-Free Successful life And Harbouring With No Failure!!
We live in standardized protocols based life, which was decided a long time ago by our ancestors; In writing or generation carried ...
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Listen To Your Inner Voice To Heal You !!
Our Emotions plays every big part on our life, and sometimes it breaks us to make us. Emotions affect us differently, ...
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The Love Story Which Broke Her Innocent Life!!
The night she was waiting for his call. By that time she hurried all her cooking and cleaning it. The ...
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Nobody Cares
The hard truth comes with the reality ”Nobody Cares.” when we understand this as soon as possible we will be ...
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Frozen Human Love With Limited Editions!!
We people hold a lifestyle where human beings are "DEAD STAR AND FROZEN LIMITED HEART INSIDE." Where they limit the ...
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The Forgoten Motherhood!!
There was a beautiful family, Father worked off seas. And the kid was living with her mother. At small age, ...
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