Wandering Mind Is UnHappy Mind, No Matter Physically Where You Sit
Most of the time the only work we do is ”only thinking about life??” Thou not matter where your sitting, ...
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To Be In The Moment Is Miracle, Feel At This Moment!!
She was always beautiful no matter what heart rifting she had last night: next day she picked herself wearing a ...
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Loner's Silent Weekend
Sometimes the day doesn't go the way we want. It felt exhausted inside my mind and sucked overall felt nothing ...
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What Characterization I Hold Of Being An Empath??
The world is filled with people who don't care for others, And they get swamped building a small house which ...
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We Are Seduced To Serve Ego-Maniac's  Rather Than Carve Up To Love Emphatically!!
The poorest people on earth are the humans how lack to love and reciprocal to it; We are living in ...
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