We Thrive For Same Old Good Moments

How enriching are the thoughts which we have spent while growing up? How many times do we thrive for the same things to roll over again and again? But why do we come back for more with the same sense of relief?

We don’t get hurt by bad things which happen in life as Humans automate themselves to self-heal with any bad situation.  No matter whether I am alive or dead. The people will be perfectly fine to live and move on with life.

Maybe I cry for a week or a month, Things change, and we try to adapt to any state of living. Until a matter of survival. There is raising the question “WHY WE STILL HAVE TO SUFFER.” end up with so many problems messy life with depression, anxiety land in a mental hospital at the final stage.

The issue is we don’t know morn with bad things in our lives. But what we miss the good stuff happened in the small span of time. Our heart rewinds the same person again and again not over they dumping us. But we try to have the same good days with them as we have before ending up in a mess.

We try to create the same magic of love or the need of the person who became a world within your soul. Those nice thoughts or words which made your life will make you more insane rather ugly spat you had.

Our heart needs good things in live happily, And bad things will be forgotten once the same person acknowledges with one simple kind words.


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