Time Is Your LifeTime

In life, everything can be earned happiness, family, friends, kids, money and even adopted or foster parents.  But the only thing which can’t win is “TIME.” Once it goes touching us, the same touch can be felt again. Is so precious and non-recoverable ever in life.

BUT MANY DO NOT KNOW OR UNDERSTAND WHY DO WE TAKE TIME AS GRANTED ESPECIALLY WITH OUR LOVED ONES.  In life, all material things become more prioritized than time. People think to be in very comfort zone working on nine to six job working hard and spending more than 12 hours at work and coming home exhausted, And whatever time has left over we sit with our virtual world, and that’s the end of the day, and it becomes weeks months and a habit. THE ONLY THING YOU WOULD BE SEEING THAT YOU HAVE WORKED SO HARD MAKING MONEY AND GIVING UP ON YOUR DREAMS. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE LOVED ONE?  WE GO SO FAR WERE YOU COULD NOT RECOGNIZE YOURSELF AND PEOPLE WOULD HAVE LEFT YOU.

We think everything is material things we follow a protocol life and security. Go to school get high marks, get admission in top college, Work hard for best company job, Make money, But the house, car, Get Married and make kids to put them in that house and you work for what you brought “THIS IS LIFE WE LIVE.” think about it.

We all give a reason I do have time I could do it tomorrow. THE WORST PART OF LIFE IS TOMORROW NEVER COMES. And we people have time to blame and fight with others stating how is right and wrong. But they don’t have time for loved ones and tell the loved once how much they matter.

I have been wondering when I am traveling from my office to home, I here non stop horning from all the sides. And normal though we are so hurrying to reach home?. BUT WAIT THAT IS NOT THE REALITY WHAT REALLY WE DO AND NOT BUILDING A SPACESHIP. WHAT YOU DO AS SOON AS WE GO HOME. my answer is “Nothing.”

We always tell we are busy whenever our loved ones give a call. I am not speaking if you’re really working or working in a meeting at that time. BUT HOW MANY PEOPLE MAKE SURE CALLING BACK GIVING 2-3 MINUTES OF TIME TO LISTEN IF SOMETHING IS REALLY WRONG. IN LIFE LISTENING IS THE BEST GIFT ANYONE CAN GIVE TO ANYBODY FROM ANIMAL TO HUMAN. We are social animals we need attention that is time.

BE with people now; Make time for them; That is LOVE. Time is unstoppable there is no way to escape. But you can use how you want;  Stilling on a virtual network and spend hours together what other people are doing. But what it takes to get up and go visit the same person? Or call them and talk to them rather than one-word text message what is holding you to give the time to others. Every day you give a reason your busy and have to do this and that, For a fact these are a very tiny decision you make every day and reasoning. But one day you wake up and see you would have gone so far of track and think where the hell I am? What memories will be created for your old age? And have no one with you around.

Nothing is impossible; If Someone uses the word “I AM BUSY VERY OFFEN.” That person will be busy with his whole life. Nowadays people have become more occupied with the phone and talking to unknown people rather than asking the person who is sitting next to you asking how do you feel.

There is different significant asking “HOW ARE YOU.” and “HOW DO YOU FEEL.” And that matter more than anything else in the world. If we want to live a life of a human, time is a critical aspect of living.

The life runs with a snap, But giving your life(time) is giving yourself to a people who love you. If you can spend ten hours of a daily life-time for a piece of paper in the form of Money. Why is that so hard giving it to another human being who needs desperately? IT CAN CREATE WONDERS YOU NEVER KNOW HEAL A SOUL. 





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