She Decided Never To Walk Down The Aisle, To Save Herself

Like all other girls; Even she had thousands of dream for her wedding day, Her culture was rich with rituals which made her fall in love with it. There was a sense of happiness when she went explaining the process.

Those younger days she felt magical holy thing where is going to get married to someone how would see eye to eye and tell “I DO” and stand with her in all odd things stating “I AM THERE WITH YOU” holding her as part of his life or himself. That was assumption she was holding towards the marriage. Dreaming someday will be her day were everybody would watching her getting married and happiness fills her face, walking proudly with her man.

Much in younger, the day arrived sooner; she was shocked and scared; Since he was not her dream man or had any qualities which she wished or hoped he could love her. But she whispered within herself telling “It’s going to be fine.” and went with an arranged marriage, Where she dreamed of having a love marriage, She was informed by her family members, that he wants to marry her as he loved her. Not anyone else. She felt convinced went getting ready for her big day.

The day came as dreamed, As those days were trying to make an impact inside her. Soon she realized that this was not the man of words. Things took a drastic turn which caused her to hate entire big event from her lifetime. Whole-caboodle came crashing with no love felt and feeling ashamed of herself. He turned out to be monster of the physical abuser, selfish person who can love only himself rather than anyone else. Money was the whole ball of wax for him with no emotions, without understanding.

She walked out with no more dreams of the traditional. All the things came to a crumbling downside. But life should go on.

After years passed, she found the courage to fall in love again. She endows a friend who made her smile wishing to see her happy face and most importantly he never judged her with her past stories. He respected her the way she was; He never asked her to change whatever she was. Until then everybody wanted her to be this or that. She just fell for him. Nothing could stop her, in her entire life, no one made her feel she was a right person and moreover she was human with all the emotions inside her like others.

Slowly the affection changed into love; she saw a beautiful person, He made her worthy to be loved.  He took care of all her small stuff which meant to her so much. She was getting evolved around him. And the only dream was to spend the life with him. As she could feel that she is important to somebody and every day that would wake her up and push herself moving in her life. More than love and husband she did not expect anything much in her life. With him, the experience was worthy and prepared to follow him for her

Believing true love never fails and no one gives up anybody if it’s from an honest heart. But unfortunately she was alone in that love story too; He had no intention to get into the dream. And she was not so important as it was shown.

Finally, the day occurred where it was time for her to learn that it was all the myth; Where she was alone in that relationship, He was running away which she failed to notice. He left with long silent without turning back. The person who wanted to see his love same happy person left her with the silent treatment. And she said to herself “It was all lies baby. She got devastated and went completely cold with so-called marriage, decided never to walk the aisles looking into somebodies eye to eye feel secure and proud to stand by the person who loves you in the entire world. Unconditionally pure immortal. She murdered all her marriage, relationship, and lovely thoughts. And he got married.

The tears rolled out, with no control of her. Silence prevailed.




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