Solo Traveller: Ravangal Sikkim Hilltop Rabong Resort

This was my first trip to Nort-East, I when I was scrolling for Sikkim since they were a village festival. And I felt in Love with the mountain Kangchenjunga, That is the second highest mountain nearing to The Alps. I saw the cottage with an excellent view. I fell in love with the look as soon as I saw, I decided to go the place.

Excellent Place for Birdwatching; Most of the time it rains; One of the best place for Mother Nature loves;

I booked Ravangal Hilly restore which have a direct view of the mountain. And traveling after the flight is around 4 hours. Since the road work was going on. There is no direct flight to Sikkim.

But the 4 hours travel was around ghats section with mountains filled with trees and running water which connect China. That 4 hours was a very smooth ride for me especially when you get into nature. The time it took was 9 hrs of complete travel from south to North East India. I  exhausted by the time I reached Hence went to sleep.

Next day when I got up and came out I was speechless, The view I was seeing was heaven on land. This beautiful scenic beauty I saw. I was mesmerized.

I decided to stay in the place not to travel and enjoy the nature and wander in the forest.  And I have to tell once think the people of Sikkim. Are very soft by nature. They are not greed for anything, They come for any kind of help anytime with not for tips. People are right, and they are humble. And the restore I stayed was amazing. I asked for the room change. They did it asap. And the best place for birds-watch. These people love nature and respect the no one harm or exploit the situation. The state government has excellent policy NO outsider is allowed to but the land. But investment can be made. This helps them to retain the culture with them.  And should tell Sikimies girls are beautiful. People of Sikkim.


Some more glimpse of the place:



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