Picked Up RoadSide Interesting Pictures

Each picture holds a significate story to tell behind these photos!!

There is South Indian Hindu Culture offering flowers in the early morning prayers to the God. So many women buy flowers in the evening for next day. An interesting fact is each day dedicated to one God out of many. And Goddesses hold upper hand than God.

The art of clay pottery sales displays on the roadside with beautiful colors pots, home decorative, human masks and Hindu Gods!!

The cow is gazing at roadside picking some leaves to eat and wandering in busy roadside!!

The man sitting at roadside Teashop deeply indulged in thinking and a boy who is also profoundly involved with his phone, but both are sitting next to each other in their world!!

The roadside shoe shop owner is having a beautiful collection of footwear!! Sitting proudly with his techno gadget!!


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