Local People Life

Some drive a car, Some take cycle, Some take minutes off from they daily construction labor work to just have a tap on is a phone, Some push vehicles for making the living selling flowers and hand made fruit juice, Some walk down the street, Some struck in traffic.

This is normal life shared by people day-to-day life, Everyday they have to work to earn they Bread and butter, Who said human lives are easy?? It’s an everyday fight for making money for a day survival a small place in Bangalore. India.

As a photographer, I could see simple life of these people running, day to today home to office. Then where do they have time to think about the country or environment changes. They will be exhausted and just want to lay down. Rich people are rich afford car per person.

The below School kids have not been to school for 2 years Since their parents are involved in day construction work, And they elder sisters is getting married at the age of 13, Which is illegal as per Government till day, But no on cares about their education or under-age marriage!1

Before I never realized these people!!




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