Indian giant squirrel -Most Impatient species

The Indian squirrel is known as the giant squirrel is three feet long. And it’s related to One of the greatest epic of Indian Mythology Ramayana in Hinduism. Below is closure look of these Tiny animals and storyline of them.

The story goes like this: Many people don’t squirrel have played a role helping Rama(how is considers being avatar of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism culture)

Rama wanted to cross the bridge to Lanka in order to save Sita(wife of Rama) from Ravana’s(Evil Asura) clutches. He sat down to pray to the sea god(Samudra). To cross the Indian Ocean to reach Srilanka to rescue Sita.Hence the depths of the sea told Rama to build a bridge across the sea.

All the monkeys got busy building the bridge by placing boulders.Lord Rama and Squirrel was watching everything from his burrow. He decided to help Rama. He began picking sand and scattered twigs and scurried back and forth from the shore to the sea. Little by little the squirrel had gathered an entire heap.

Rama noticed the dedication of this tiny creature. Picking it up on his palm, he warmly stroked the animal with his three fingers. Since then, it is believed that squirrels have three lines on their body.

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