Love Story Worth Knowing!!

We all humans love to fall in love with the mesmerizing idea of love; I too wanted to fall in love while growing up like my parents; They had a special place for each other always; Even though my mom was beautiful than my father; she was dragged interestingly towards him;

My father used to work for India Navy; As once in a year he used to come visiting his parents; between this, He was close to one of his many sisters; as soon as he landed down he would rush meeting his sister first and then head over his parent’s house;

His sister was studying medicines, but his eyes were drawn toward his sister’s friend with whom he felt she was the most beautiful lady and he couldn’t stop falling in love with her. Even though they were from a different place, culture, caste, language, this was not going to stop from falling in love attractions age factors dragged them closer.

Slowly his sister got aware of they love saga, and she was a little annoyed since his visiting became for her friend rather than his own sister. In the beginning, she didn’t prove the love story, as she was close to her family also. But his sister had a Golden heart mostly loved by everyone for her goodness.

But people in love don’t understand anything normal; they just know their want to spend the rest of the life together. The things started moving on, where both the family got to see the love affair of my future parents.

Things didn’t get more comfortable for my parents. Whereby my father’s family didn’t mind. But my granny didn’t like or approve the relationship due to differences in status culture and language barriers

My mother had to make lifetime decision; she has to decide whether to take her mother side or trust a stranger whom she barely knew or his culture language even my father; I see how hard she felt to make such a bold decision in 80’s especially belonging to Orthodox south Indian family.

She had a weakness of being fatherless at the age of ten following two siblings a younger brother, sister, and mother. Maybe she found the security and cosiness with my father at her point of view. She knew she couldn’t stand up on both the sides.

She has to take one side and hurt another embodiment. She risked her entire life putting all her trust in the person with whom she fell in love and walked with him having nothing with her. This kind of love is so rare to find in this generation which is mixed with I ME not US. She was welcomed by my father’s family and got lucky with her in-laws where she was loved well received.

Time passed wherein I was born. Meanwhile, with a second kid, my Granny and mom resolved the issue between them. But my mother found her missing father’s love with her father-in-law and as far I remember she had good relations with her mother-in-law as far as I remember.

As the relationship grew older between my parents they had own flaws, arguments, fights threatening each other to leave. And stating from of me ”they are fed up with this relationship, its nothing anymore. To my surprise the next day, I use to find them normal as if nothing had happened. They were crazy about each other. Nothing could have separated them.

The day came where my grandfather was on the deathbed. And lasted his breath seeing his favourite son daughter-in-law and me: He died; my father has a hard time to take the demising Death. But my mother stood on all sides helping him to recover.

They love story was turning into a notebook; I felt something terrible things going to happen. But at the age of nine couldn’t figure it out:

Runaway marriage !!

The Wednesday night wherein I went for my night sleep. But for some reason, I couldn’t sleep listening to my parent’s talk: as my father returned in the middle of his work taking leave as he couldn’t concentrate on this work with father’s lost; my mother was determined to send him back on his job. That was all the talk going on that night.

however, I fell asleep all of the sudden fire blew from the kitchen; my mother was caught in a fire and screaming with the pain and my fathers jumpy inside to save her. Unfortunately, he too caught up with a blaze: I woke up and walked towards them, but my father pushed me out and asked me to open door calling for help.

All the things went in seconds. Two days they were alive with 80% of burn. Next day my mother gave up the fight around 6:00 AM. When my father woke up around 6:30 could see his wife next to him asking the attendee where is the next patient??

He told she passed away half an hour back and that’s the end my father’s heartbeat stopped around 6:30 early morning. Keeping his marriage wows until death.

They didn’t care about anything mad crazy soulful; loved and died together; I am so proud of them even thou I miss them every day in my lifetime. But worthwhile being their daughter with such an integrated approach to each other.

I hoped the could’ve been around me and wished one could survive for many years;

But I was wrong; if one could have survived without another; they would have cursed themselves entire life to hold a guilty consciousness with pain; IF FEEL GOOD THEY LIVED AND DIED TOGETHER! PROUD TO BE THE KID:


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