If They Don’t Earn Your Time, It’s Not Worth Giving Your Time

I could not understand How much time is essential If I am going to invest in others and how much it’s going to add value to their and in my life. It must be reciprocal on both the ends. I went on a testing spear, No one came even closure to the fact which I have been offering them “My precious Part of Life.”

We usually run on silly assumptions without knowing things that we give our time to wrong people and keep hurting self that they would “DO THE SAME FOR US” which turns to be opposite most of the time. I realized in a hard way and want to express the loopholes we live in. People tend to neglect people who are often around them.  And How much they are willing to invest they own time on us? In any form of relationships.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen, and many Key relationships fail in a dramatic way.

But everything should be earned in life. If it’s not received with values, it holds “No Royalty.”  WHO?? It’s effortless, why do people are so fond of their income they make in a month. Because that is the lifetime they give to earn that; where the time spent on those bugs, is never going to come back. Hence they know how hard it is. And they value it and hold close to themselves.

Same apply to relationships. In the name of love, sometimes we give too much for a person who doesn’t recognize the effort made by the person to stay in that relationship. But sadly other side they get it with no hard work. Hence they ignore the amount of scarifying is done or goes on the radar.

I LEARNT IN HARDEST WAY. WHEN I WAS IGNORED AND STOOD NOT EVEN FOUND IN THE LIST, I understood its waste of my time, and there is no point going behind those who never get to see my side. 

You have to stop being available to unavailable people. Stop giving so much of yourself to people how cannot even Identify who they are. Self-doesn’t provide anything to anyone who cants reciprocate. If these people do not sacrifice for you, then they should gain nothing from you of value require sacrifice. If people are too hurt, too busy or just too damn stupid to see that you’re the blessing they have been asking for, just fall back. Know your worth.


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7 months ago

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