Human Talks Around the Dead Body

I got a message before night; One of my distance relatives sons died in an accident who was hardly twenty years old. I was knocked out so severely thinking about this mother. She lost her husband two years back. And now son? She ended up with one daughter who was in schooling. My thoughts were wandering oh shit what’s the hell has happened.

Usually, I don’t get well-crowed places; Functions or death. But I was getting empathic with his mother, Trying to wear her shoes and how she feels. Hence next day I took 0ff my office left to his place. Where they stayed in a remote village from the city. I was not so close to them; But still went to see her. And from inside I lost the touch of tears, and my tears have become rare to outpouring in a social gathering.

By the time I went people had stayed visiting her place. And I heard this mother should sign for getting the dead body with the postmortem report. As soon as I went with her, His family was not average living people. Still she was working for her kids to give her best; Meanwhile, even he was working to fulfill his dreaming like he bought a bike for himself and earn it.

The Dead body was lying inside the mortuary, And People gathered outside; These people surrounded where making his mother not to sign until they get compensation from the rich people owner of the place. And I was involved due to my loud voice and boldness. Finally, I dragged her mother inside to sign and get the body and finish the entire nonsense process; Another side they were told they would get insurance money. I had no Ideal how much it was? Which finally learned it was around 15 lacs in Indian cash.

I was shocked to my core that they are getting best insurance money with is more than sufficient for mother and daughter. Still other relative wanted 15 more lacs. Where  I was ashamed of asking for more. The questions poped up with human character.

  1. Mother could not feel the son lose seeing people were not happy with insurance money. I found where are these educated people of ethics.
  2. Next, everybody was blaming the dead person for being irresponsible and discussion what he did was correct.
  3. One person said “This dead was just an irresponsible act and his pride got them there.
  4. Mother was clueless knowing what to do.
  5. When I took her inside the mortuary to confirm the body, he did not have a name; He was tagged with the number laying cold with white clothes rapped over him; No one would or will accompany him. “THAT WAS THE CORE TRUTH OF THE LIFE’ He was no more.
  6. No one thought of the alive person; The person how was arrested for the accident. THE DRIVER, he would also have a family. No one bothers about him.
  7. People started crying as his body arrived; But how many people are really going to help his family. After months everybody would curse him his mistake he dies.
  8. I saw the failing human know to have mankind and humanity with the blame game.
  9. And everybody wants to space no one wants to take any responsibility for the own actions.

I imaged entire life ends in Morachary room, One day I would be laying as a frozen dead body alone, no matter how many live people come to fight or cry. You will be You all alone then Why so much Drama in your entire life fill with EGO, NARCISSISM, ANGER, I AM KING AND KNOW EVERYTHING IN LIFE, GREED, POWER, LIES, HURTING, MONEY, PROPERTY ?? Having these are things but so cold and frozen. 

In USA President Donald Trump, was separating kids from the mother and giving illogical explanation faking every possible thing. He has no heart with worst meanness.  Eventually, he should die but why he acts like he will never. Trump to common people thinks there are they being immortals.

Luckily all living things are mortal. Think about it.


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