Everything Goes In Rarad When Emotional Conditions are Ignored

The Huge failure of any relationship is when people ignore listening and act emotionally towards it. Listening and expressive the powerful tool in any relationship. When its Ignored all the problems start. WE ARE DEFAULT SOCIAL ANIMALS, LISTENING IS MUST UNDERSTAND WHAT IS ALL ABOUT OF HAVING HEALTH RELATIONSHIP.

The significant downside of a relationship is whether your man is available on your emotional needs?  Which has a massive impact on the relationship?. For a long time we don’t understand why he is not listening to me; Why can he know me, Its just emotional support I ask?  He doesn’t hear to me when I pray with emotional need. Sometimes she wonders whether he really Love me? And she feels he avoids being glacial towards her. And never gives a damn to her emotional questions.


Nowadays relationships have come so tricky; it considers to be rocket science theory? As humans, many fail with both the Genders. And hard to keep it going. Fact is Men just aren’t built the way women are grown and don’t have access to their emotions on the same level that women have. It can cause a great deal of frustration.

But what if a women express how she feels; And still the same actions are continued with the relationship treating with the same mindset. “ITS TIME TO CHANGE RATHER TELLING ITS HARD FOR MEN OR women.”

But I firmly believe expressing the gratitude and showing love is not the weakness its the most durable bond of love and tell her how much she meant to be for her “action speaks louder than voice.” 

Emotionally detached men don’t get hot or cold on most of the topics which becomes a discussion but giving cold shoulders Which, in theory, seems excellent to avoid a problem for the further subject, but it can leave an emotionally charged woman wondering what the hell is going on in a relationship.

They seem to only think of themselves Because he’s not tuned into your emotions or his own, it can look like his actions and behaviors are self-serving. And you aren’t wrong, but he might not realize that he’s keeping this patterner at bay.

They don’t take responsibility for their actions and think they need to say they are sorry or own up to something that might have offended or hurt you, or someone else for that matter. Because they are pretty self-serving, they will not take the time to see the error of their ways.

They want the sex but not the things that go with it. Guys who are emotionally frigid, to have high sex drives but don’t want to put the work into building the relationship. So if a guy ignores you for the better part of the day but then wants to fool around, you might have an emotionally-stunted man on your hands.

They don’t think they have a problem. This might be right in other circumstances, but if you believe he is emotionally unavailable and is showing all the signs, you are probably right. He will think he is giving you what you want and need, but won’t bother putting in the rest of the effort required to take your relationship to the next level.

They don’t stay in relationships long. If you have your eye on the future, but your guys haven’t been in a relationship longer than a few months, there might be a reason for that. It might be that he doesn’t give up his heart to those that want it most.



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