Curse Of Being Cursed Forever

We hold many types of the mother? Being bad worst, lovable and who dedicate’s everything to their kids.

By my curse which I carried as frontline with my birth was, where I was born from the womb of an awesome strong lady she bared me in all sense. When she met with a disaster of drunken horse jumped on her womb having me; She still saved my life with her enormous pain and gave birth. But it was series of thoughts which was falling from a great height has passing clouds. She died when I was nine years old.

When It came to my turn with wretched fate as a mom. I overhasty failed taking it with proper care. But gave birth to stupendous to my one and only son. With whom I could pitifully spend seven years concurrently. There were not many dissimilarities being a daughter or a mother. One stood for nine years another for seven years.

But the greed for being loved and giving love is still kenneled in me. I knew absolutely zilch can heal my son’s pain which he spends alone crying without mother how is far away alive not dead, I gave same punished which I got as dead; the worst part was I was alive to feel these all things as an empathy. but could not help myself. But both live with deepest scars from my imprecation.

Slowly I started running from problems with family life and that house made me sick of everything. But I couldn’t realize that in the process of running from evils and I was losing my previous relationship mother and son as I punishing my son.

He slowly developed his attention towards his father, where I was busy in hot water. I couldn’t stay around him. Even though I took care of every possible small thing which should’ve done by mother when I was with him.

But I failed horribly: Ten years passed being away. We both never expressed our true feelings to each other but without knowing to do what?

But I am proud mother where my son didn’t lose himself with the situation and jump into metals trauma. But he made himself stronger and grew as beautiful human being. Mothers usually adjust to the worst possible thing for the kids; which I couldn’t force myself to live with monster and angel together.

Its Unfinished curse which I carry for my lifetime. I cant tell the emotions pain to people.  Since they fail to understand the shoes I wear. And never its easy to choose the living like this. Even with the curse, I find happiness in other kids.


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