Sikkim, India – Kangchenjunga!!

Kangchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world, and this is main highest mountain in India which divides in between Nepal and Sikkim(India)

Mount Kangchenjunga lies about 125 km east-south-east of Mount Everest. It is the second highest mountain of the Himalayas. Three of the five peaks – Main, Central, and South – are on the border between North Sikkim and Nepal. Two peaks are in Nepal.


Third highest Peak in the world!!



Culture and belief:
The Lepcha people and Tibetan Buddhist hold a strong belief with this mountain. For Tibetans its known as Beyul Demoshong valley. Since in 1962 a Tibetan Lama by the name of Tulshuk Lingpa led into these high slopes of Kanchenjunga which is know considered to be as Beyul Demoshong.

The people who live there consider this as holy Five treasure snow peaks and worship it.And many people of Sikkim consider one of the peaks as Buddha resting peak. Amazingly Even I was able to see a man face in cross sleeping position.


Considered to be Buddha resting on this peak and the same peak is considered to be his face!!



I could not stop myself capturing this mountains awesome beauty. Where it feels we are living on could.







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