Reality Check Before Inviting New Born In your Life and Fixing they Fate!!



Why do we have wanted kids from our own body or sperm??

WHY?? Is there no orphan newborn whom we can adopt?? Even they are kids?? As per any religion act, Kids are given by God ill-logically.  And pure as angel and purest ??

We have bullshit logic; Kids are going to take over the family traditions, They are supposed to take care of their parents, a real person between relatives, for society clean and most importantly children carry they religion, Cast, Color goes on. So many things kids have to do for pleasing they family and the community where they grow.

The Universal practices grow up, get a job, get married and have babies !! It is supposed to be like Newton law. In Indian society is far more worst. First, a girl has to get married to a stranger, Sleep with him and have a kid within nine months. What the logic in Indian society. IT MAKES A COMPLETE FAMILY.

Now the baby is born. Some females lay back home to take care of them. And some parents have to work to give a kid best education, buy a property, material things. In the society, which I am living today see a live show like “Truman Show” of  Jim Carrey movie.

Just a step back, It a greed of society rules should have own kids. That is known as Own blood they carry of the family. But don’t realize humanity. It’s fine without kids. They are many children die due to hunger and on the roadside, dumped in dustbins.

Now-a-day many kids are sitting with a smartphone, which is the age to play in mud clay and free environments. And for 8-9 hours children have put outside a home in Kindergarten away from the love who gave birth to them. Because now its micro family, Both parents work. No one to take care of kids Hence put them out in some outer world. The Age group starts with nine months.

When parents possessed with money, WHY ON EARTH THEY NEED BABIES THEN? The belief is your kids future is secure. WHEN YOU service, KNOW YOUR FUTURE IF you’re reliable? THEN WHAT SECURITY YOU CAN GIVE AS A PARENT TO your children.


And the worst part, as they are born with the blood, kids future is already decided what they will study and whom they are going to marry. FOR YOUR GOD SAKE STOP THIS. Kids are not toys. They have own liking and disliking. What they want in the life. Allow them to decided they life help and teach them to be a real human rather than filthy rich greed, and grow up without parents love. But most of the time parents are either working or flighting front of kids.

THE ONLY THING AS A PARENTS CAN GIVE TO THEY KIDS IS EDUCATION, right HEALTH AND BEING HUMANITARIAN AND LOVE not money property, land, greed. Like teaching them, this is the only mine.

First Parents Stop being a KID. I am telling don’t have a kid. Having kid is a fantastic feeling. But ultimate responsibility is enormous taking care with a good amount of people around and allowing them to learn things own and guild them when they are wrong.

You might give birth to a kid. But you don’t own they freedom. They are individual after 5-6 years old. DON’T TEACH THEM RELIGION IS GOOD. Instead, teach them what correct and more ethical rather than being good for the own religion is.

Do not make kids depend on some unknown belief, Instead make them stand for them and failures are stepping stone of life. And never giving up on the dreams.

If you’re ready to do this, Then go with the kids. If not just get out of the thought or image to have children. It’s a living human, Not your Society status.
If not adopt a kid and offer monthly investment on them. Just by paying your material money, who is already orphan living without anybody to help.

Just show your humanity and make this world better place to live.



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