Lonely Traveling Soul!!

Traveling, I always had extreme love for traveling in my life. When I was 7-8 years. I was mad over wandering around with friends or sometimes I remember I use to go alone for picking up some groceries were I just made sure to take longest way to walk and return. Especially when I use to return exchange books in library for my mother.

I just walked, fearless from birth. But had weakness towards darkness. And when my neighbors were not there. I was scared no one is there. I was so excited being with people and wandering around. My parents saw it as threat from me. What would I become. Anyway they couldn’t worry much. As they died.

Infact I had only 9 years to live happy life. Where the love I got was selfless especially from my grandfather and my father and mom. That time I didn’t realise love previel until you have somebody upper hand.

Because everything started shattering, once parents went. I never got the love which I was looking for. People just traveled into my life. First up and down. Each time I use to think this won’t go wrong put my trust on it. But those people had different opinion and I stood as optional.

In this process of course I got away from traveling. Then finally I decided to travel without any company. Honestly it takes too many broken hearts to finally travel alone. But the time I got into that state. I was completely proven wrong. And eyewash love I had. Only thing which bug me when you say you love someone?? How soon you can giveaway them. I became aware I was important nonprofit for thematic person.

But I started traveling alone, it’s good traveling alone. But you need lot of guts to walk away for trips. I started traveling.

Now I am in next voyage traveling. Now I just want to run from people and the place which gave me so many horrific thoughts.

Even though I feel heavy inside myself. And the thoughts are bombing inside my mind. Which I cannot do anything. No shoulder to relieve on. People think I am very strong and can take anything. But it’s forgotten I am human with same amount of flesh and blood. No one can understand. Whole life I loved people no matter what status they are. But it was not wise versa. Tagged with “OPTIONAL” Lest important.

But i know no one can understand it. Only my traveling as loner know the thoughts. But no matter how poor I go or broke. I will never stop traveling.

My heart is heavy. But I will walk in this process with deepest pain and lack of money. I will do it again and again. With pain nothing matters.

But while each loner traveling. There’s a spark inside me. Getting more stronger and better value for life rather than money or materialistic stuff.

At last I fell in love with no humans, just dumped into nature’s hand. Which is feeding me inner peace. Where as I just got meet selfish people. No matter it was a guy or girl. I AM NOT MEANT FOR HUMANS WITH THIS SOCIETY NORMS.

I am just out of box person. Which is difficult to understand. Because they don’t understand pure love. Which I want. It’s up to there need. When my expectation comes. It’s horny bitch.



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