Visiting Banglore Bannerghatta National Park

Banglore one of the oldest place is Bannerghatta National Park, 15 years before it was an entirely a forest. But now the city has become one for the overpopulated area, so the wood is deep inside. The place has a zoo which covers wild animals, Snake, birds, and a butterfly park.

Before 6-7 years there was elephant safari inside the jungle. But now it stopped. Hence they have jeep travel, which runs every 30- 40 minutes intervals. If photographer you can request single jeep with extra cost. So you can stop for more time for pictures. The animals most are left free in the forest But have strong Fenech.

Now there is guest house are available to stay in the jungle is good for weekends travelling people. It opens in the morning around 8:30 or 9:00 and till evening 5-6:00. For kids, it’s okay if you want to introduce them to nature and wild animals, far from technologies.

It’s open for all the seasons, But if you want to see more butterflies animals out taking rest, best going in rainy seasons, they come out that time. Its right picnic place for kids.

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