Sadhguru;  Fix Yourself From Inside, Add Meaning To Yourself Life!!
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is an Indian yogi, mystic, philanthropist and author. The person who talks about spirituality "NOT RELIGION."!! His ...
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Stop Blame game, When others can achive can't you get it!!
As I am a blogger and IT tech, I have to work on my laptop for hours together and sometime ...
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The Best Interview of Stephen Hawking With John Oliver
The Last dedication to Sir Stephen Hawking, The funny Side of him with John Oliver!! ...
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Life is about sharing love!!
Get the simple life its all about feeling emotions love sharing! ...
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Bill Maher: Nails Hollywood's Grey Area:
Think about this which makes real sense, What we are doing and where we are heading towards!! ...
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Most adorable song!! ...
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