Darkside of Indian Festival – Diwali !!

What the sh** worng with educated fools, Is that bloody crackers are so importance for pleasure just bruning these crackers in which these kids give up they chilhood or die in this process. Greed self centric mean people. Show some humanity as human atleast once in a while

No Comments, Prefer to lose U rather than Talk and Makeup with U

U know life is very short, today we are alive might not be tommorow, Speak up and make up no matter what you feel.

Bucket List -Now or Never !!

Bucket List is a group of wishful thoughts. Which we want to do in our lifetime. But unfortunately, with BUSY TAG we forget to live our lives. Running behind people and materialistic things. We all keep pushing yourself next time sincerely we think we got time for our Bucket List. Honestly are robots, born education …