Bookaholic; Anton Chekhov

The Russian writer Anton Chekhov  written and published Sakhalin Island,

He is the best example of the most tormented human. Still didn’t complain anything about life. Stood tall shaking his hands with the dead. Playing hide and seek with it never feared for it.

Having all the reasons to curse his life and fate for being so unfair with him. Holding the essential quality of human character and get indulged with empathetic with all the people he met in his life span.

With no regrets of Self-pity, he took himself a trip to spend three years in Sakhalin Island, understanding the life of most notorious prisoners life. Before and after prison life of a prisoner and their family ending in the worst odd jobs to help themselves.

The book took me a while to realize nothing is impossible with a positive note; the book Sakhalin Island is best of his work, in the process knowing his shades to heal self. Only when he realizes his issues are so Petty.

Thou for real he saw hell and forgiving everybody to hold inner peace. Still, he was able to find Harmony and lived fullest.

And is ”Letters” to Anton friends and family is another beautiful work of his talent.

Few of his works, check the link

I never read his books which such a bright sparkling in my eyes.


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