Book changed my life upside down. Being a complete introvert, I would love nothing more than a good book with a cup of coffee.

My life changed once I started to read books.

And, I understood it was my mom’s Habit, where I use to pick-up books to my mother in the early age of eight. I remember I use to walk to the library in the evening alone to pick up her books; She used to write the name of the book in a slip which I carried to the Librarian to get the book.

While walking back home, I fell in love with the pictures in the books. Now my life is filled with books. I feel I am a different person every single day as I go picking a few or a single page to read. I hold a gut feeling that books are living god in my life.

The most loved book still date:

I am live on the Goodreads. Please check below link.

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Thriving Thoughts of an Introvert traveller
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