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Social Media !! Read for yourself !!


Last week there was an interview which took a storm about FaceBook where Sean Parker, claimed Social Media sites like Facebook are “exploiting vulnerabilities in human psychology” and said social media Facebook Co-founder stating he regrets about Facebook. As its a type or kind of cult-like illuminate?? Brainwashing people and its based on happy dopamine spoiling people??

Unfortunately, his interview became so viral as it was retaking higher level by social media via youtube facebook. Which made me think this is was so called crap and total bullshit.

FIRST LET ME CLEAR; ANYTHING OVER-CONSUMPTION IS POISON INCLUDING FOOD OR SOCIAL MEDIA!! Everything has a limit to sustain anything, It is in your hand how you nature it!!

Using Facebook or other social networks: many people speared awareness, useful knowledge, and making they opinion to be shown. People make their living from the channels

It’s not about technology mind game. It’s we humans who don’t apply something compelling “COMMON SENSE.”. Who is to be blamed here?? At non-living application or six sense smart human who created it?? In life, many things come, free love, relationships, happiness, family, nature, air goes on. Example family we tag everyone friends, father mother brother sister wife kids. And our mind knows very well how defined these relationships are?? And from whom what to expect so we create a limit which is the best practice in healthy living.

But when the things are taken for granted it gets messy over the time. This is applied to all every single material none materialist. Human goes insane filthy for more and more.So why blame game. Stand up for what you’re doing. You have full freedom of 24 hours a day, and it’s in your hands. For your god sake.

You are given the sense to think and decide how and what to do with your time. I use Facebook, Instagram which provides a lot of information I need to improve myself and keep intact with latest things which interest me. That does not mean I am brainwashed and some is playing with my happiness or sadness.

First, keep track of your time and day!!what you want to do with it. Stop going extreme with the blame game. Use brain to think if you take up what is the mess you would be creating for yourself.

You’re a small decision of every day would and will be constructing your future. In all social media, there is something known to be “FILTER” which will provide the information related to your work and what you want. But human is so self-opposed about them self they get more rooted in the name of saving they state language, religion, God, And put all single personal thing on social media from your getting up to sleep. Its non-sense behavior but human. They are a version of Buddha “IF YOU DONT CONTROL YOUR BRIAN THEN SOMEONE ELSE WILL DO IT FOR YOU” People go insane possed and dramatic about the fake virtual image they create in the top of lies which is blamed on the Social network.




Death is the hardcore truth, You can earn money more and more, But you can't create time again and again. So use the time wisely. One day when you wake up and see all the time would have gone, Be honest with your soul and while speaking. You will never carry anything when you die, so have a peaceful life, stop running behind the material things. Follow your heart and soul it knows where to take you!!

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