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Gandhi_Bazaar Bangalore:Karnataka India

The travel review of the Gandhi Bazaar of Bengaluru which is also known as IT HUB of Asia. It falls in Southern part of Indian state Karnataka.  When I told its an IT HUB: It’s not only mean significant building and massive traffic. But You can still sense the roots of India culture which very much found in the deep inside of the city. The much go place is GandhiBazaar which gives you the sense of flowers market and the people sitting in small shops setting colorful flowers in the form of Garland. Which I have added to my Photography sections. If your visiting make sure to walk the lane of this place which is a single road. Even if you’re tended not to buy anything, But I would still ask you to take a walk on this colorful road which is a fest for your eyes and the smiling faces of the sellers.

In Indian culture, flower plays a critical part from birth to death, In every ceremony or function flowers are must. Where it also know as flowers are ornaments of girls and married Women. It plays a very significant role in day to day life from God’s to Humans.



Death is the hardcore truth, You can earn money more and more, But you can't create time again and again. So use the time wisely. One day when you wake up and see all the time would have gone, Be honest with your soul and while speaking. You will never carry anything when you die, so have a peaceful life, stop running behind the material things. Follow your heart and soul it knows where to take you!!

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