Spring Valley restore: Kumali Nature at It’s Best!!

Photo of Kumali: Spring Valley restore!!

Kumali is a place in India: Kerala which falls on Western guards parts of Thekkady.  I was exhausted by my personal issues. Wanted to run away from Urban life, traffic, horning sound, IT work and people around me. I was sick of my place. By default I would be running out of cash, this time it was not exceptional to me. But I wanted to do this time.

Hence I started searching for a place within woods, I usually hate five starts hotels, expensive Spa, and luxury or hi-wifi places. I believe its just a show-up. I always prefer simple restores. And always prefer spending time in woods wandering whole day. Then Via booking.com I got an awesome scenic place Springwood Valley. It was the first time I was trying homestay. I always prefer to stay alone, myself just enjoying in woods and birdwatching. So I booked within a week and was ready to go leaving all the issue behind me. I just wanted to go from this suffocated place. The day I left I was feeling heavy in my heart and things never went in proper. But still, I made my move.

From Bangalore, it’s a bus trip 300 Km. A night journey. Finally, I reached an unknown place. I could understand the language but could not interact with them. But I was good with other languages. I was not scared to travel solo which I started from past 2 years. And When I reached the place it was mindblowing exactly the way I wanted. Luckily I was the only guest. I was so happy to meet the owner Indu. She was awesome and most stronger Women I have met. She did not care about taking the risk, and was so sure this is what she wants, and worked so hard to achieve it.

I have a very wonderful talk with her. The best part was she was a good listener and not a judgemental person. Meanwhile, I was looking for someone I wanted to talk openly about any censorship. And judge me the things happened in my life. She was the perfect I wanted to meet. I stayed there for 3 nights 4 days. I never got tried talking to her and the achievements she handled single-handed. I was feeling that I was gaining my self-confidence. More than travelling, I enjoyed talking to her.

The Place was mindblowing There is a proverb in India: Kerala told title”GOD OWN COUNTRY.” That was correct exactly what was the place. As a birdwatcher, they are more than 300+ birds species travelling into deepest jungle it was just nature all the side fresh water, no traffic, people are so friendly. And helping me. The place I stayed was almost the top of the hill. which was the border of TamilNadu and Kerala.  It was a fest for nature lovers. I would tell once in life you have visited the place. And meet Indu: she holds such a grace handling the guest. I felt I was part of her family, not a stranger. Seeing the complex construction will be surprised women did complete planning. She achieved the way she wanted. I was completely motivated with her thoughts.

They conduct trip which is not mandatory to travel around. You can choose to stay in restore or travel into deepest jungles. If its planned at least 5 days is much. If Women like me travelling solo there are no issues. Just keep away from strangers and keep Indu posted. There are no issues.  Since it’s hilltop. Make sure you get things which you required.