No Comments, Prefer to lose U rather than Talk and Makeup with U



The blind side which everyone ignores’s, Each time when we ask someone a question What? Who? Whom?. Life is too short for your silence, today I am alive tomorrow I may not. Spill out and move on. We are humans and meant to express feelings good or bad.


These are three worst words every coward person avoid answering it. In my entire life, I did not come across a single person answering why it’s happening?? People are so much into building there sugarcoat images with another side of the fake world. These people don’t even mind or bother even losing precious relationship at any cost. But don’t go to answer the why and what they felt.  Still, I don’t know what they think about saving someone or running from the simple truth or pure escape from the situation.

This one character drives me so crazy that I stopped taking people who do not answer the question. The underlying protocol for any relationship is trust and talking they mind. But I saw only people prefer not to answer. My mind was taken into storm thinking why the hell it’s so difficult to speak up of someone or for justifying their actions.

NO, I hardly found a person like that. In expecting the answer, my mind wandered around every possibility to pile up done of answers. Which was hard to pick or assume with me. Last night when my thoughts were wondering what is the hell happening for responding to a question. And I saw people are ready to break a relationship with the “SILENCE AND NO COMMENTS” words. But same they let go the relationship rather than answering and solving the misunderstanding.

I keep a dark note of people behavior always whom I interact; I fall to find the even smallest change in them, even if they are not sure what is happening with the thoughts. This regular habits I find in Indian guys, example my brother who tries to run from issue always without commenting or reacting to it. FOR YOUR GOD SAKE SPEAK THE HELL WHAT IS IN THE MIND. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN THAT. IT’S SIMPLE YES OR NO. I can DO, or I CAN’T do.

In fact, people are not worried about the level of losing the relationship with creates deepest scar between two people. One of my best friend one day popped up and told some issue could not have a common talk. But later I saw she was all right with everyone and keep ignoring my question what happened? The problem and reasons were boiling up. Since there was no issue with anyone else has I was seeing.  I was forced to conclude it might be I am not a famous person to share, or I am a reason to answer. THE ISSUE IS NOT WITH MALE OR FEMALE; THE ISSUE IS THE SOCIETY. Suppressing all the emotions is taught from kids in the form of being stronger or arrogant.

Rather if she had chosen to talk rather than silence, the relationship as real friends would have stayed. But unfortunately, I was forced to end it. I have been a bad ass most under-estimated maniac. I questioned and took blame being the underdog. Un-famous PERSON TO ANYBODY, least important to anyone’s life.


COMMUNICATE: TALK ABOUT THINGS, the right or wrong.Build trusts. Be honest. Be faithful. Be there for one another.MAKE TIME FOR ONE ANOTHER. Leave the past to history. Which includes ex’s. Having arguments is normal since all are not same, don’t try to change others, they are what they are full of flaws like me or you. No one is made to be perfect. Do not expect to change anyone, the respect they flaws what they say.  Appreciate others. That is one of the best weapons to love a person. Show them they are okay with some goodness.

Don’t like a person on what status they are, like or love them where they reached and what they have achieved with the difficulties. That’s Life. WHICH I LEARNT IN HARD WAY. BUT UNFORTUNATELY, NO ONE CAME TO KNOW THAT. Maybe I did not find someone who gone with the wind the wind like me.

Once my friend, whom I considered to be a best friend, wanted a break. But I could not understand much on that, But I gave her time. Later she acknowledged she was fed with negative thoughts. Hence she stops talking. Later she got better. And we talk. BUT THE GAP CREATED BETWEEN US, DID NOT FILL TILL DATE. 





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