Month: September 2017

Bucket List is a group of wishful thoughts. Which we want to do in our lifetime. But unfortunately, with BUSY TAG we forget to live our lives. Running behind people and materialistic things. We all keep pushing yourself next time sincerely we think we got time for our Bucket List.

Honestly are robots, born education jobs marriage kids grandkids. By that time we have lost all our precious time of our own life. By that time we are given our death certificate for another 3 months.

What would you do then??

You have no idea!! What to do!! Seeing Everyone will be running worrying about your death. AND YOU REALISE WHAT DID YOU DO IN THESE YEARS?? You just try to keep calm. But you’re innermost heart would ask what you have done for yourself in this lifespan??

I am sure there would be no answer for it. But seeing people around you as if they are immortal.

The greed and fear would have kept us down for so many years.

But when you’re going to die?? What would be holding happiness or regrets??