No Contact Mode!!


Nowadays relationships are such short terms, It hardly stands the test time,  The main reason is we try to move with a relationship too quickly just a ramble of light.  It’s not world secret anymore until you assure a person’s action than his/her words. I can tell you that we have never known that person.

In any relationship, we tend to get into it as soon as possible since it continues increase dopamine in our brain. In this case, the brain ignores all the action part and just rely on words. “You’re my life” “I will never break your heart” “I do understand your pain”  and lastly “I truly love you.” These are the general words which are exchanged in shortest duration of the period until it goes to bed.

After a month of pleasure, the things start changing,  Even thou the relationship holds the tag “committed” Human natures are very unpredictable it’s like jumping from one tree to another like a monkey. When falling in love, every girl thinks he is the best man in her life. And one else can take his place. Slowly it’s getting deep rooted one side. Another end it would be losing interest, and his thoughts would be over flowing will my society, culture, family, status would like her. He wouldn’t even be sure to talk about it anymore. Trying to avoid with honesty lies.
Just giving all his time or finding all possible little time spending with her suddenly drafting away. She won’t be knowing what is actually going on or happening.

Emotional vibes are always stronger with women’s than comparatively men’s.  Female’s likely to invest all the emotions and jump into a relationship. Thinking everything will be a fairy-land story.  But in real life most of the time it doesn’t work as planned. What’s next? After a year or within six months, things start falling apart. The person who was existed to listen to all the silly thing from your end tries to avoid you. Which you can see it clear what is going in front of you.

But you go helpless, And leave all other goals in life, thinking he is the end of your life and wow him back. Trying all the possibilities to set things right. But does that work? NO-WAY it would work. Always understand when things what getting worst with both of the knowledge and he trying to hide it doesn’t make sense that you’re trying would go successfully anyway there are no possibilities. THIS IMPOSSIBLE TAUT WOULD HAVE to GIVE TO LONG BACK. But the madness would have ignored it.

Night cry, trying to call meet, or want to talk about the issue to solve to get it normal. Not going to work. I would take same pain gaining him again with his rules or quitting the relationship would give you the same amount of pain. So why can’t it be the second option? Which is NO CONTACT MODE? Stop calling and bothering a person who is giving a shit about your feeling and fail to understand. End with complaining its that and this which make you guilty as a criminal taking you as granted.

Sometimes these people turn to Narcissist, In this case, no one will help you until you help yourself, and talk about to relate to the person who can understand the pain.  And No contact mode will help you to see the original person coming out of him. If he wants you in his life, he will MAKE ALL POSSIBLE WAYS TO GET TO BACK. IF NOT HE WAS NEVER PART OF YOURS.

And it should be stopped with a stronger mind and will power telling urself “NO CONTACT” keep your self-esteem and maintain silence. Honestly, this is a difficult process but I am sure you will get back in same. Since one u rule change and time are content just run with the flow. A relationship can’t stand with faking or fooling or lying people. It only grows stronger with the TRUTH.



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