Plastic Power, But No Man Have Been Rich To Buy His Past!!


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Do someone know what the value of a person or human?? I am sure everybody will start wondering what it is??

I WILL TELL NOTHING!!  Before civilization, there were people’s who use to hunt food for the day. And it was daily routine hunting food eat sleep. It was Day to day activity. When growth increased gradually.

It was compiling act to prove “I” muscular word. That was the birthplace for greed which was the transformation of civilization lifestyle in the form of society.

Humans started dividing up with their pigmentation, tall shorter and developed speak the unique language in groups. This is the beginning of civilization. As the roots are found in Africa, and then it spread as per sciences.

The greed was burned in people’s heart, It was I only I. Nothing else matter to a person. And are the population started growing huge from hundreds, million and billions Meanwhile many people chose they jobs are per them convenient, as people started studying they were becoming richer, and individuals who were interested in a battle called as warriors and who chose not to explore the began working under educated humans?  Rich People selfishness and the willingness to dominate nature started showing its true color and fell out of ethics. And formed protocols which were a favor to rich people. Meanwhile, batter system started for exchange the goods to goods.

Finally, money arrived in this world, in the form of coins gold and silver. The people who had the firm hold on this was rich people and who did not were out-casted and became slaves for the wealthy masters. Things started falling down with good ethics and humanity was getting vanishing.  As there was no option left for lazy people to work under someone else.  Where there were treated worst as possible till date. This is the fact till date.

As per personal experience, I met many people when the talk was about Money landing or taking human nature changes completely changes. I lost many relationships since they went so blind with paper money, there was no human value at all. ME I was the main word used. As per science also human brain change its feeling towards money which creates a sense of fear what will I do future when I don’t have Money.  Anyone can ditch for the sake of money invested in the form of property and building to think they are immortal.


I am really amused when people tell I am poor when they can afford three times meals, wear good clothes and home to live. These people are real assholes. But it does not stop there they want to buy more and more land for future saving.

I go num at them. I always sound crazy to many people due to the way I think. But let me put this question forward what if you can’t eat the food what you want today, what is the point to save for tomorrow which never arrivals. In between, you DIE. I have seen my own people count money spent on their families. ARE YOU SUPPOSE TO EAT THE SAVED MONEY. 

Now I am so much annoyed when people ask me you have been working in a multi national company and you should be so rich. I feel like blowing on the face. I earned and keep on spending on people around me to give them best. But now I am still learning how it does work and have any saving. Which I or others earn with selling my life time. Unfortunately, I spend on relationships which were worthless. But no regrets. Since giving is greater than not. When I had issues and required cash, many people rejected helping me own brother, None of my family people were ready to give my father’s money. But for the person whom I spent so called blood sister woke up one day as Money Monster refused to acknowledge the responsibility I took on her marriage. Another friend just gave a reason false brain tumor. Which I realized it very late. BUT I HAD FEW ANGELS FRIENDS WHO HELPED ME. I will never forget they support.

Now I see how much a person can fall in pity to pick a dollar. The World is pumped with the money more than it required. But it’s tightly in hand of 3% of wealthy people of the global population, they hold 98% of world richness. Remaining all working class will always be working. And poor people will be poor. All entire world is doomed in debt fake concept which doesn’t have any ending and goes NOWHERE?

Whole life will run with debt, Everyone is capable of earning they own share of money to spend and live. I am very proud to tell I don’t have any investment even if I go sick. But I am happy, If I die tomorrow, I did live my life on my terms where MONEY is just to buy things not to buy real people in life.

LIVE TODAY, THERE IS NO TOMORROW.  What you’re going to do with hidden Plastic paper money. Humanity, which can’t be brought by this article.  Imagine buying a land which would be lying empty for years together. And you end up paying your life time money for the empty land. WHAT IS THE USE OF IT. 

Meanwhile, help urself to have a better life or help someone who actually required it. STOP BEING MONEY MONSTERS. 

I choose to be human rather than Monsters. I know greed is a habit which is filled in veins from generation to generation.  The source code of this is the single letter “I” or “MYSELF.”


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