The Day When Everybody Loves You!!



In my knowledge from the day I knew the difference between Life and death. I saw everyone smiling for a birth of a baby and avoid taking about dead and cry pleading to come back again. The sadness covers the people mind when the person is no more.

If the death strike to a human being, Even the biggest enemy of that person will tell She/He were an excellent person, Hoping the soul rest in peace. All will mourn for a day or a month. And as usual, days move on. Where everybody has they own life to live and lead.  No matter who dies father, mother, Sister, brother, husband, wife or even kids. They move on do you know why Since everybody’s inner core knows”TIME AND CHANGE NEVER WAITS FOR ANYBODY” and we as a human should cope up with it and the day to day problem should be acknowledged and solved.

This is how life works, It entire circle for a person to go with from birth to death.  You’re born alone and going to die alone.

But one thing keeps gushing out of my mind is, When somebodies dies Why is that all the love tears are shown so sudden. I know when he/she was alive no one gave a shit about that old soul or younger, adults.  WHY IS IT SHOWN WHEN ITS DOESNT MATTER ??

Let me try to get it straight as per my experience I realized,  When my parents died, and the news was put into my head, I did not understand the impact I am going to have in entire life. Later it was my grandmom when she went whole sick family knew she was at her last stage that dead was standing next to her. I was completely shattered, the only thing which was repetitive in my head how would go ahead with my life without her presence. My entire 22 years revolved around her no matter how many fights, hurt, huminite using bad words and took her for granted. Even gave up my own life to marry a money monster as per her wish/choice, But at that time she was going away from me. That age also I was not so sure what is the real fact. And she passed, I end up crying so loud, that my late mother-in-law raised a question? Asking as a daughter, I did not cry so much why did u cry and over acting front of everybody and to show up what. I will never forget that night I was back to my husband’s place, but my heart was in my grandmom house. I was bashed by my in-law’s husband just for cry and my cousin coming down. That has become a permanent tattoo buried inside my heart.

And even I blame my grandmom the last daughter was the reason for her death Since she did not want to take care of her after I was married. I started thinking more and more over and about dead. The one factor every single human being is scared of is DEAD. Nobody likes to talk about it. But my question is different, None of us know when do we die??

But everybody pretends to be mortal on this earth, making money, buying lands, ego, insult, war,  cars and have a bank balance of 10 generation can feed themselves without working hard. But the sweetest truth is “WE ALL ARE GOING TO DIE, truth” and birth comes with a death certificate. Ignored hard reality.

When the person is alive, we fight with them trash them with words or in the mode of physical abuse, give a shit talking to them for five minutes, check on them, Let them know you love them and how important he/she is there in your life. But we foolish punks don’t do anything just keep pushing them to the core of pain inside an ignore they also have a heart. But suddenly when you wake put that person who was waiting for your smiley face, just to tell Hi is NO MORE.  THAT IS THE TIME YOU FEEL YOU’RE LOSE A PRECIOUS HUMAN WHO EXPECTED ONLY SOME OF your day AND SIMPLE AT YOUR FACE WAITING TO SEE YOU JUST TO SEE you’re OK WITH YOU to “BUSY” tag. SINCE THE PERSON IS FRONT OF YOU DON’T TAKE AS GRANTED. NO ONE KNOWS WHEN THE DEAD BELL WILL RING.

What is the point of crying that time when there is no life in that body and its known as a corpse? The soul is out. Whom you should impress that time?? When he/she looked at you for your day to talk or listen and pamper some kind words. That time you turn ur back. Now the front of so many unknown people you cry loud and tell all good things which they were so desperate to hear when there were alive.

I will say its total faked bullshit. When you did not give the person the love when they were alive?? You hold not ethical grounds to cry and tell how much you love them. You should be ashamed of your self. Crying blah blah blah.

SHOW THEM LOVE WHEN THEY ARE ALIVE, NOT WHEN THEY ARE DEAD, AND CANT LISTEN TO YOUR WORDS. Don’t cry like an asshole that time, prove live when you’re human, not with breathless soul. Think before you hung a BUSY tag showing everyone how hard working you’re in shit work for some cash for your life time spend on it. Just be human with humanity. Not show up person with crocodile tears. Respect should be given when they are alive soul not telling you love them so much when they are dead.









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