Littlest happiness!! 


The day started with glumness without proper sleep. While reaching the office, I got to know there was a mistake I have done with official work.I was wondering another issue. Some how I was never appreciated for my hard work. But unfortunately always caught up with issues helping others. This time was no different.

I was tried and little annoyed with things. But managed to continue with things. I had sleepyhead, so thought to take a break. Two blocks away I have a tea shop which makes a good cup of ginger tea. Walked over and there was a small lane where we could sit having tea or coffee.

While sitting there, I didn’t have anything to do just took a deep breath and started sipping my tea, watching people all over. In the lane, there were tiny white flowers which attracted me towards it. It was so beautiful I was still looking at it and wondering, we stupid people always want big and bigger things. But we, unfortunately, don’t see the small things which give us happiness and enjoy the beauty of it.

We are completely lost running behind power, progress, money. But I want to slow the small things matter much more than huge things. Take time and watch around. You will notice most beautiful things which you’ve been missing with so called “BUSY TAG” See the glimpse of it!!


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