Departure !!


Sometimes departing is a lovely painful experience. Even thou we have one consistent rule by the universe “TIME AND CHANGE ” are regular. It never waits for anyone anymore.

Changes in life always go on and on, but we don’t realise it’s fractions of mili seconds. As you’re going through this transition. You will see many people crossing over your life.  But unfortunately, no one comes to stay as it’s your own journey.

But it’s exactly in your hands how you make them feel with the company. No one has come here to stay with you since everybody has own characteristics or role to play building them up. NO ONE HAS COME TO BIND WITH YOU FOREVER. Hard core truth” Parents, relationships, family, kids NO ONE.  At one point they are private individuals with the freedom to live in their own self.

Here I want to tell, everyone is plotted to just walk. While walking, you will find some for shorter periods or little longer that’s all. Rest is you.

So learn the art of walking with or without people, realised it’s your life, and you own it. When this is true why so many heart breaks and painful life. It’s just memories, at last, so keep simple and uncluttered.

Days are short my friends and time runs, Make sure the departures add a smile in your life. Let Got which gives you pain. No point holding it.

Another note to tell: It just follows, by the time we humans realise this truth. We would have crossed half of our age. Then wondering what we have done in the past for so many years. Then we wake up holding a bundle of things in “DO LIST” with confused what comes first??

But it’s never too late to start anything, but unfortunately, our mind gives plans to do or start, but our own heart rejects telling all negative things about ourselves just as age factor, money, family, kids goes on and on. This puts everything in the back seat.



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