Poor People Habits which can be changed


Some work we do in our daily life affect our current situations and what could have to do better so our lives can slight edge and who knows if you stop doing them maybe you’d be closer to that goal you’ve been dreaming about below are few things which we ignore them in daily life.

First I want to start we Television per day how many people spend an average amount of time in front of the television may be 4-5 hours after school and office hours or a whole day on week off or holidays. It’s one of the meaningless work which distraction that grabs you and doesn’t let go with any productive work of yours. What are the topics you’re attached to celebrities gossips, Serials, political drama in form of News and Sports? If you’re seeing all these things. Then you’re probably watching too much television.

Celebrities Gossips and buzz in your lives don’t add any value it only helps celebrities richer. Have you ever thought what rich people do, These people be on Television rather than watching it Since it’s part of they job. But is that you’re??
But you can tell me, I like to watch big bang series Since it helps me enjoy for a while without any problems. But you know what that’s exactly the issue you disconnect from your problems instead of fixing and finding a solution for them. If you talk about your favorite news channel to have a hold on what’s happening in the world ?? For that you don’t need to seat whole day inform of TV, Just use the internet to get the latest update.

Coming to sports session, People spend an entire day watching their favorite sports event from morning till night. What is the productivity value it adds reaching your goals?? Nothing

The second term is health, We normal people have a really bad choice of eating food. just jump into junky food at the movement. which don’t add any nutrition in our body. Which have a big impact on our body and affect our growth towards our goal. Food play very huge roll on our body with include mental and physical health

Third thing, we people are always found of sales day flat 50% off, in that time we tend to load our house with all the items which can’t be used at least one. For example buying any iPhone of next version, tell me what is the use of the next version until your are developer and need some advance application. I don’t see anything more is required to buy a new one.

Waking up early, The people who sleep late hours in the morning tend to mess up every work of the day, since they know they are late and the work which is assigned will have any impact. The world needs from you that you’ll end up miserable the paradox os that people. If you have a check all self-made millionaires have been outspoken about their early waking habits.

Personal hygiene also plays the main role for your day contribution, having a shower early in the morning gives you a day of freshness. This is not made-up fact but its true and amazing it explains a lot when you really think about it. Most of the jobs are in services industries where human contact is much for any work progress. People who don’t have good personal hygiene values are far behind the people who does have.

Stop blaming others for your misfortune, your ownership of your own fate. May me 5% of things can’t be in your control. But 95% will go with your decisions and dedications. Take in charge of your deeds towards the job, relationship, and money. If these things are sinking grab on it take a responsibility of it. Try to work on it. hold an attitude towards life how to respond than reacting towards it. when something happened to us we tend to victimize our self-creating a big fuzz about it. But smarter people think to study it, then seek to find out what happened? why did it happen? find a solution as a growing point.

Money, savings many people are very bad at saving including me, But that is the worst habit to some extended, we should make sure that we hold sort of investment or saving money to have a security than cribbing over it.
In this matter, we take out our credit card for buying things. But have you asked the question for urself is this money taking via loan or credit card is worthy of useless things. There is one simple rule If your busy something out of your credit calculates how much money in return you will be able to generate on it. If your buying a big flat TV don’t, the bigger car doesn’t buy unless you’re flipping the supreme gear for profit or you’re buying iPhone to develop your business, Until then these things should not be under your credit.

Next is middle-class people tend to have more kids earlier in life, the truth is kids are really really expensive. we know how fun to make them or at least practices making them. but people get stuck at this point they don’t think it’s true a sense of perspective. if you’re living in a metro city the budget for kids can raise up to 500 dollars. Middle-class people have a tendency to have kids as soon as possible without having a plan on the money security. But when it comes to rich people they wait until they are financially settled and then go for a kid where they can provide all the needing for the kids

Last, one of the dangers problems is we spend money before we have it if the money he spent via loan before you earn it your life will spiral down. If you’re planning to buy something without having money in hand don’t think about more borrowing, Go back to work earn it and then buy it for yourself.
Nothing can be achieved at one shot, you can sit thinking what if I fail. Stop thing it, What if you try it, again and again, you will find the loopholes and hold good to raise with it.

Many people think, someone else will help you, why is that so? the world does not owe you anything trust me you’re in charge by yourself and what every happens you have fixed and move on with it.
Stop blaming and you’re key for your success. Make a change in your life, which can be inspired to others.


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