Morally right to apprise, I still love you grandpa and pa!!


In Indian society, girls are out-castes and assumed to be a baggage to parents. They’re many cases in this country where girl kids are killed as soon as they’re born. But fortunately I was not born in that typical kind of family.. 

My grandfather had 8 girls children and just 2 boy kids. In who my father was one of them. Those days the thoughts were still considered girls are baggage for entire family. Even thou my family was fully dependent on agriculture farming. It was little difficult for all kids to get educated. 

But there was one strong word from my grandfather girls should be educated and should be able to take care of their lives. In which he should unique in entire town we lived. He made sure every daughters of his should go have educationa. No matter how hard it would get educating 8 girls until they get their degree. 

He did it, Everyone how did their studies ended up with a government job and have comfortable life without any poverty. They were able to get richness only due to my grandfather. Whom I am very proud of. 

Next comes my father, even thou he passed away when I was nine. Couldn’t spend much time with him. But he made sure until he lived I was princess of his eyes. Since his job was traveling all over the world he never missed my important function which is still captured in frames. And he made sure I always wore expensive clothes which he carried from abroad. He saved my life on the cost of his life. 

For my grandpa and father I was darling of their lives. In fact my grandfather elder son had two sons he ignored them. But he always told girls are previous gift. And loved me moreover than grandson. 

My father also carried same ethic of his father. Even thou both are not alive. They would live in my memories as far as I am alive. 

Happy Father’s Day!! Always miss you ūüėė!!


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