Talk, Get Close, Make Love, Go Busy, Killed Her Soul Sliently!!


This is a what happens, when a person approaches for a talk, we start talk smile and laugh at all the stupid jokes, then have plenty of time to talk listen and try every single second to be together, Get her on your bed, make love for few couple of months, then reduce talking and go busy instead of telling completely DONE, GET OUT. cowards take the time to screw the mind, So nomal she dont understand you now. She is acting crazy, Last couldnot handle her, quit silenctly. leaving her with No choice making her mad to think “WHAT MISTAKE SHE DID”

She was devasated and lying on her bed with tears rolling over her nose and making pillow wet. She was holding a lot of pain inside her. But was blank how to gain back. which mess was created by both the patterns. I have was seeing her crying and did not know anything to do.And the guy broke her heart was fine, did not ask her when she went sick, didnot take any responsibilities for her since she was just a piece of sex toy, And she was only complimated for being good on bed, Not for her truth, Not for the love, Pain or tears nor his little time attention she asked him for.

Since she was still in love with him, but could not allow herself to get humilated anyway. And she knew very well that he did not Love her any more. Which was the hard core truth. I was only friend knew her and watching everything could not help her.

He promised her to stay with her. There was no conditions applied between both of them. He had his personal life which she did not interfeior in his. She was strong at her mind that she would be not asking him anything rather than attention and what he started give her the TIME. She was happy with it . And she was so sure this time there would be no “MESSED UP RELATION” now.

She was being kicked from on relation to another as soon as possible before she could have time to think what the hell was going on with her. Leaving all the old pain scars back. She started moving with his guy as a matter he was matured and showed up very helpful and understanding level of person.

When she was not thinking for one more relationship, he jumped as friends and slowing he was started showing more interest on her, Asking her to set next to him, have a drink, taking for a long drive, and finally stay at her flat making reason of a drink. As she told me she was little uncomfortable with him. But she saw him as helping hand to get out of previous shity. And it was open relationship not tied with any considitions . Hence she told me she is fine.

The things went to for four-five months as usual, He was there both enjoyed each other company. But unfortunately my friends had a curse remembering every move of opposite person, She was very particular the person change the way of talking or start having the distance.

With this kind of character she was picking things very frequently and questing why is this?? For this no one use to have an answer, People doesn’t like to be in truthfull life, Meanwhile people create a faked lie and convience them as the truth within them. which she could not take a lie and too open for many people. I earnt it very hard handling her was only one way “LOVE” show the love and speak softly with some ingrediance of love touch she would shake her head like a cow and do what ever anybody told her.

This was not know by many, Hence it failed. This relationship which she was so confident not to break was suppose to come to any end. Slowly he started keeping distance with her, which was driving her crazy and again popping up her mental illeness issues. He moved always and she was searching for an answer Why, and What was goinng on. By the time she figured it out. Things went out of hand.

She was thrown out side from him, He went so slient with giving no reason or answer for his behaviour, Ignoring talking to her, stopped seeing her Finally told he was sick because of her, And he allowed his actions to speak more than his words. SHE COULD NOT  TAKE THE PAIN MORE. She was trying and think day and night how to fix the issue and have same pleasant days . BUT SHE LOSE THE FIGHT SO BADLY. Only he did not gave any answer.

The problem if oppsoite person goes silent, other side will hold thousands of answers bombording in they brain.  She tried and tried , but he was fixed that he is done with her. but did not have guts to tel her and faking with reasons that and this which was very laam. THIS TIME SHE DIED FROM INSIDE, BUT HAD NO ONE TO TEL APART FROM ME. she decided to suffer than approching him again to look back to her. She begged, cried, tried dead, wanted to die. But nothing woke him up. As he left her. slience made her more slient.

Now she is living with a zombie life, She talks when she have someone around her, if not she cries with her pain and leap on other things like talking to me and sitting with her laptop.

After six months of breakup, she dont know why he did to her after knowing her deeper and acknowledging her as wife and hate to see her treas, someday told she was part of his body. THESE WORDS HAUT HER STILL DAY. she wanted only love an attention and talk to her boyfriend with normal loving tone. which failed .

Even thou I tell her stop thinking about him, She this mad felmale keep expecting he might come to see her this week or next week, Every Fri/Sat will be her expecting day without hope. I saw her whole life fighting for love and loved ones . But now her love is questioned and she feel she was worts and cheapest human in this world.

Now i dont know how to console her, everybody from outside think she is strong bitch, But no one wants to know she is still a girl expecting little love pamper, time attention seating next to her and just listen her pain or talk. where her deepest wond can be healed. But apart from getting dumping she did not see anyone loving her the way she was or know her for the way she is . SHE NEEDS LOVE. BUT EVERONE STABBED HER IN THE NAME OF LOVE !!



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