Masked Fake People pretend or Naked Truth!!


Life has never been easygoing for me!! It has been hardest struggle ever a human being can face it. I always tried being a good person not to hurt anyone.

Since I knew the pain, how pain occurs. It would kill you mind soul. So I make sure I am open to me, I usually over talk if I find someone comparable. Show interest in my stories. But I am introvert basically don’t open up with all. I keep thinking to myself.

I speak my mind. Tell them what I didn’t like. Many times my sixth sense works. I am in dilemma what it is. But unfortunately, the things come true in front of my eyes.

But I understood too late world don’t buy honesty. They live in the own form of lives which has become traditional of living. Undoubtedly that becomes the fact, faith of humanity lives.

I was thinking good people always win and they are respected, but soon I realised it’s not true which wins.. but the lies, which are protocol of society norms wins. Where everything is measured with material things.

When I think about myself, I recall what is that I have earned for 33 years for being honest and take the path Which heart decides??

It’s pain in the ass, truth me!! People sell themselves for materials things and plastics money. They hold the status value, if not you’re not reliable suit for this society.

Even thou I have worked for 10+ years, I have not done any saving. Always giving hand for others. For those, I gave my hard earned money and myself solving their problems. As I see many people don’t interfere in others matter, even though it’s happening front of their eyes. The easy answers I get is ” ITS PERSONAL BETWEEN THEM DONT INTERFERE ”

Does this make any sense? How does it get personal when it’s outside home?? Even if a person is on death bed, people tend to take a selfie. Then action. As if it not my matter. But do you think next will be your turn??

Stop being coward??

And tagging people, first listen understand what they’re up to. They’re not made, it makes sense they hold thoughts which are impossible to solve the problems.

No blame game. Some of the tags I got as badges, it goes like this- shame being women(when I was kicked out husband)  Cruel women ( left son with his father) Bitch slut ( taking to guys or getting a drink) sexual pleasure ( for time being)

Others Tags: I treat other friends as a servent,  Don’t have a heart, humiliation not support to any functions, I don’t understand, mad crazy,  don’t trust me because I keep a hand on trust.


That’s where I stand,  many fail too and give names for me.  I don’t mind using fuck word, it’s just a word to remove our anxiety. But unfortunately, so called good people don’t like it because they do all shit things behind and front place a good face behave as if they have not used it.

This makes no sense!! Crazy masked people, I laugh when it’s lies.. unfortunately, they love fake life.. don’t have guts, to be honest!!



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