The Visible God – Music!!


The music it’s my soul. Do not underestimate as a single word. It is a healing weapon for every wound human’s life no matter what is the age. It’s a life saver. It’s a keyword of all loner on this planet. An addiction to music lovers, I would like to dedicate my life to music if I am alive the one and the only reason is music.

It has made me cry loud to remove all pain street I hold inside me, It plays Guru part when I need a motivation to pull myself forward has fallen down. It has got me a smile in my loniness and activate my inside spirit always had an eco “Get Up Move On”. I would be lost without my iPhone and headset.

As a kid, I was always pulled towards songs still dance numbers. But not real lyrics. Being an Indian Music was part of birth and death. But I did not understand the real meaning of it. When I was left alone with myself with no one to talk I was getting dragged towards music more and more, I started wearing an earphone as a part of accessories I wear wherever I go. It became part of my life as Godmother. Now I can’t imagine my life without the word “MUSIC”.

Now I find music everywhere I go, If I am travelling countryside birds are my music instrument, If seaside waves become one while travelling The Wind becomes one. I try to find it in every place I travel. Adding words to the music it creates magical place whatever we can imagine in our life or dream, everything comes true.

How many people have missed this awesome gift?? I believe music was found and build in the magic of nature. Nature would have not been so beautiful if we don’t feel the whispering sound of it in our ears. If Music is pulled out of this planet, it would be ripping out the colours from his earth. How boring and the pathetic life we would be living entire world would be doomed in sadness. Everyone tells Nature heals? But nature would have been an unfortunate failure. Now let’s dig its roots and scientific rewards it holds in its belt Music evokes strong emotions and becomes the purpose of living.

 First and the foremost law of Music – It’s good for your health and proven. Music and musical training have also been shown to protect the aging brain and keep it healthy. Music Reduces Stress and Eases Anxiety, Improves Sleep Quality, It can help to repair brain damage and adjust that attitude, it engages many different areas of the brain. Last Good news for bathroom singers listening and tuning with a song will refresh the mood, Even thou you might be a horrible singer for others!!

This is a kind of best friend with can give you ultimate love, Never backstab or hurt us. Never underestimate the power of MUSIC!! Just go with the flow. Allow it to follow into your soul. For me, it’s a visible GOD which listen and give a support staying with me. It never tells NO. There is no religion, caste, racism, rich, poor. It gets the entire world together. It will and stay with us as much as we Live.



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