Selfless Love Always Stay!!


When I’m Gone And The Minute you heard I am no more. Suddenly the heart heaviness inside you will take a glance beholden each and every thought will take a ride and you will feel heavy inside. Even thou we would have walked too far in life.

In fact, no one dies with any one part from one story I have witnessed. But in that bump, your heart would have that movement you will realize what was gone.
You will know I am dead and would have few drops to shed. But does that’s matter anymore between us?? Or it would matter anymore to me, where I do not exist anymore. what kind of tears it would be, which was not useful when I was alive breathing holding the scared heart. It would not matter anything to me. We have fallen out of each other.

But suddenly your heart would be sad and your mind would start wandering when was the last time you heard my laughter talking to you, my voice would ego in your mind, with a number of thoughts and the reason all we had to talk, fight, love, and the kiss.

Unfortunately, this would have started a storm in your brain, you will go restless longing for the first time to hear my voice, the laughter, the coziness when I use to curl in your arms, suddenly your hands would feel that same warmness without holding me,  You would be seeing my face has brain would be flashing all old memories.

I know that minute you would probably hurts yourself,  And start feeling my sense of being with you and ego of my voice but go frozen without moving urself, the heart would create tremendous pain which will make you feel nowhere you belong anymore. I know it tough as much I did feel.

I am sorry, my body could not do anymore, where I forced myself to go. There is nothing more I wanted than spending my entire life hanging up with you, Small talks, long talks, Silent days without a word, but still feel we would be with each other and would be waiting who would talk first to end this silent when heart would be waiting who would. I stood by your side and could be going against everything, whichever situation you would have felt hard.

But it was my heart with blended with your inner love, which you never shouted love me. But I saw every time in our eyes. I want you to understand it was not bound only with physical, But it will go beyond that, I would like to stay as happy memories in your life, And seeing your smile whenever my thoughts cross your mind.

Love is the most powerful force on Earth and the best gift you gave me and came to know how beautiful it is to be.Life will be different when I’m gone; you won’t like it and you may want to fight it. You will want to scream out loud in agony, but when you pick yourself back up off the floor, like I expect you to, remember that love. I want you to wake up and watch the sunrise with new hope new day with a smile. Enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face, the flowers, the fresh cut grass, the insanely beautiful summer storms and rainbows. I will be in each of these things. We are always connected, you just need to find a way to keep that connection…it may be through a ladybug, or a butterfly, or a song, or a beautiful sunset, or some crazy thing we did together, but it is there, and it will always be there. You now have the opportunity to expand your heart into something you didn’t know existed; I have no doubt in your ability to do so.I expect you to love with everything inside of your soul, unapologetically. Love is all we have to give of ourselves, and love is what is going to carry you through this unbearable pain. So when I am gone, love big, love fully with every piece of your heart, and don’t leave anything ever left unsaid.

Speak my name often, tell my story, and teach everyone who comes into your path. Close your eyes and open your spirit and you will feel me beside you…guiding you every step of the way. You all gave me the best life a girl could ask for.


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