A recent study scientist looked through 63 studies to conclude atheists are more intelligent than religious people. 

This explanation is pure as per my notice, Nothing to do with the scientific reason. Since I was a religious person who turned out to be Atheist. I am happy now than I was a religious person.

Let us get into this topic deeper, I was born and broth up with convexity family which does follow Christianity and hinduism. So I was deep rooted in this two religion and it’s not hard to compare between two of them.

I have attended both Hindu and Christianity traditional, And even my school was part of Anglo-Indian christainity.  Go to see more varieties.

Religion, Spiritually and God are three different things which are created by humans, No one else created these things. I do the thing they were People who preached good to humans like Buddha or Mohammed Prophet, Shiva or Jesus. These all people where Human being lived on this earth. Might be telling Good to people. But No one can prove it they were jumped from the sky ?? They were born to normal human being.  As far back as there is no proper evidence to prove it.

Now coming to us human, By default, we are very scared precious on this earth, the brain triggers the fears inside us to stop doing things, So the main perps of the brain is to protect us from harmful things. As this religion grew up in the mouth of words when there were no written documents about bible or Quran, We people started putting these mouth spoken words to written and changed as per the convenient of the higher kings and scholars to reach and keep up with the ruling power.

In this process many people started falling to it, GOD will save us,  And some vibes use to happen as per their actions which were later converted to GOD and added in the books, The worlds was created by God. Slowly People started involving so much that they forced many other people to follow the same by hook or crook.

Entire world got divided into groups of religions with one name “GOD”. People got filthy greed for power money started this revolution into the Religious act. But if we go more behind this people use to pray nature in form of Sun-moon, Giving them light, air, light in the night. This is found in Great Egyptian time. They were the first people started offering they prayers to Nature. Which changed later to GOD.

Now People are so scared whatever happens in they life, they start bribing the God, I would offer this and that Please provided me this or that. For some People it uses to work they got their work done, actually with they own investment, Some people believe in hope waiting for GOD to do so and so. Because there was a lack of light in they heart to believe in themselves and go forward. This followed from century to century stating GOD will help me, he will cure my pain and struggle from my life.

For me this is the bull shit of people sacredness, this proves how hollow they are both up. It was always thought don’t do this and this GOD will punish you, But the actual reason is that it creates a fear in our mind which many times the mind fear is the outcome warning we would have got from our elders.

This forcible act makes a person very dependent and a week in mind filled with sacredness doing something in life. Or Laziness GOD will give us but should wait in painting. So its blind belief and cowardliness which make people prove the intelligence.

Coming to Atheists, they are not scared what goes wrong, they keep moving forward no matter how many times they fail and learn from the failures, so next time it won’t repeat it. This is what make them intelligent basically. They own their mistakes and get fearless to face the world to achieve the dreams they are into. Its Universal law what to give will reap back to you.

I changed myself because I was too scared of understanding things, every time I use to pray GOD it should go fine, But never tried by myself, When once I stopped complaining things to GOD I want this and that solve my problem. I started taking my own responsibilities and following my path. Now I don’t believe in religion, I follow my path as staying Good to myself and not to hurt anyone in the name of religion.

Now more people are killed by religious than other things, the history is proof to show as many times they human have failed and killed other because of they blind believe and ignorant mind which knows the facts but fails to take responsibilities of the mistake and always waiting to blame things on others or religion or GOD.

THINK ABOUT IT, BEING HUMAN AND WORKING ABOUT OURSELF IS GOOD, OR JUST GET LAZY AND WAIT FOR SO CALLED GOD TO COME AND WORK FOR YOU AND TURN YOU”RE LUCK. remember what you sow is what you reap. That is a universal law. which is not based on any religion.

So to conclude Atheist are intelligent because they tend to take they own responsibilities to work hard in life and move forward, But religious-based human wait with sacredness and filled with laziness stating “GOD IS THERE HE WILL HELP” that is the reason these people are weekly and hold behind seat from Atheist.


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